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Get insights of top marketers, advertisers, networks, publishers with #1 Email spy tool.

Uncover and access your competitors’ emails and understand how they utilise email.

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Powerful search process

MailGaze search bar helps you find emails of your competitors or business with ease.

Locate emails faster

Find emails easily between a certain date range.

Filter ads smartly

Filter the emails by country, age, and gender to get the most relevant information for optimising your email marketing campaigns.

Bookmark your favorite emails

Like an email?
With MailGaze bookmark feature, you can save it for future needs.

It’s your time to shine!

You will act strategically, outwit your competitors, connect with your consumers, and ultimately, swiftly and confidently prevail with every send using MailGaze cutting-edge technology, accurate behavioural data, and support from our dedicated staff.

What can MailGaze do for you?

Get complete control over one of the fastest growing email advertising platforms on the internet, thanks to comprehensive data from social media sites. MailGaze, an excellent email spy tool, allows you to evaluate email trends without sacrificing your privacy. The comprehensive search and filter capabilities will help you find the emails that you and your organisation need to know about, and the user-friendly interface will make it simple to find them.

Discover interesting new email strategies

Scout the competition's brands

Save money on email campaigns testing

Browse email by what's important



Simply select a company to view their specific data and the emails they have sent. The entire emails are stored in our ever expanding database.



View key metrics (e.g. day of send, date of mail received) at the click of a button.



Get access to detailed reports on your competitors’ email marketing performance and strategies.

Thousands of marketing clients already trust us and several clients have been using this system for more than a decade

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